Hidden in the charming city of San Antonio, Crepeccino is simply more than just a cafe—it’s a place where waffles are made into unique gourmet creations. Here, everything you know about waffles is reinvented and new taste journeys are discovered. Here, every waffle tells a unique story, from how it’s created, to the heartwarming smile after your first delicious bite.

A Trip through San Antonio’s Best Waffles

Our goal at Crepeccino is to offer the best waffles in San Antonio. We proudly serve a wide variety of customers, which leads to a tapestry of beautiful flavors and textures. Every bite is evidence of our passion for exceptional cuisine, from the golden edges of our authentic Belgian waffles to the sweet and savory blend of the best chicken and waffles San Antonio has to offer.

Creating Perfect Belgian Waffles

The Belgian waffle is a staple in our menu. Made with a recipe that welcomes a unique twist while simultaneously honoring its traditional roots, this classic meal is loved at Crepeccino. San Antonio Belgian waffles are a charming pleasure, whether you want them simple or topped with fresh fruits and rich whipped cream.


Not Just a Breakfast Spot

Although Crepeccino is a fan favorite in the breakfast scene, our waffles aren’t only served in the morning. We have a menu that lets you enjoy them all day long. The star? Our famous chicken and waffles meal. This dish is perfect for any time of day due to the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.


Chicken and Waffles: A San Antonio Specialty

The flavors and textures of our renowned chicken and waffles meal comes together perfectly. The tender, fluffy waffles along with the perfectly seasoned fried chicken is unmatched. It is a meal that has become a fan favorite that truly captures the essence of our city’s culinary scene. While constantly providing the best chicken and waffles, San Antonio also gets to taste a bit of European culture in every bite.

Crepeccino Breakfast and Beyond

We honor the value of a successful morning at Crepeccino. For this reason, we offer a variety of original breakfast meals that satisfy every mood. We provide the perfect range of meals to start your morning right, from our classic eggs benedict to our famous breakfast waffles.

Options for Every Guest: Gluten-Free and More

Crepccino always keeps inclusivity in mind when creating our next cuisine. We guarantee no one with dietary limitations will feel left out thanks to our gluten-free healthy waffles. We also guarantee the same delightful experience as our regular offerings since they are prepared with care and satisfaction in mind. There’s never a need to sacrifice quality when you dine at Crepeccino.

Beyond Waffles: A Creative Cooking Method

At Crepeccino, we don't only settle for keeping our meals traditional. We are huge advocates of experimenting and innovating your favorite classics. Our menu reveals the Crepeccino’s passion for delicious cuisine and the pursuit of sharing one-of-a-kind creations, both savory and sweet. We enforce this goal by serving waffles with special toppings that will enhance your culinary journey.


A Paradise for Waffle Fans

The place to go when the craving for waffles strikes is Crepeccino. More than just a place to eat, our cozy and welcoming atmosphere proves the perfect place to catch up with friends, share stories, and enjoy the authentic flavor of delicious European waffles.

Providing the Best Waffles in San Antonio

We take great pride in our reputation for serving San Antonio’s best waffles. Quality will always be our top priority at Crepeccino. We make sure every visit is a satisfying culinary experience for everyone to enjoy by using only fresh and organic ingredients.

A Story Behind Every Meal

More than just a cafe, Crepeccino is a representation of our city’s rich culinary presence. We use our waffles as a way of displaying our unique dishes, building a strong community, and spreading our passion for European cuisine. We capture the spirit of San Antonio and bring it directly to your table.

A Place Where Every Lunch is an Adventure

Of all the different breakfast cafes and waffle houses in San Antonio, what sets us apart is our environment. We value a comfortable experience just as much as the food we serve whether it be chilies, chicken, or waffles. For this reason, Crepeccino is known for developing a community that makes every guest feel at home. Whether you are craving a fast snack, a relaxing brunch, or a casual date, our cafe is meant to accommodate every occasion.

Join Us for a Taste of Crepeccino!

We’d like to personally invite you to stop by and see why our waffles have become a city-wide classic by joining us at Crepeccino. Every meal we serve is a celebration of tradition and flavor with our own unique twist. Every waffle is an artistic creation waiting to be discovered. Have a seat and allow us to serve you the best waffles this city has to offer.